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Indiana at Chestnut Ridge is a comprehensive ambulatory care facility located conveniently in the southern tier of Indiana County and is easily accessible from the east and west via Route 22 and also from the north and south via Route 119. The strategically chosen location allows for access to IRMC’s main facility if needed but provides a personal and convenient approach in comparison to a conventional hospital setting.

A wide range of specialized departments offer a multitude of services including such things as URGI-Care, Indiana Total Therapy, diagnostic imaging services (CAT Scan, x-ray, ultrasound, mammogram, etc.), a cardiovascular testing unit, labs, a women’s health facility, offices for specialists, a café for friends and family members to enjoy during your visit, and the practices of the internal medicine specialist Matthew Klain, MD and pediatrics specialist Christopher Vaglia, MD.

This new expansion facility allows IRMC to provide convenience to patients over a wide geographic area—with state-of-the-art facilities—while still remaining true to the mission and principles that IRMC is built on. Indiana at Chestnut Ridge allows for growth and expansion while still remaining community oriented and focusing on our No. 1 priority, the patient.

IRMC at Chestnut Ridge
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