Welcome to the Human Motion Institute

At Indiana Regional Medical Center, our goal is simple: to return our patients to normal function as quickly and safely as possible. To reach this goal, our partners medical professionals, specialists and surgeons take a leading edge approach to the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. By combining clinical expertise of skilled medical specialists and knowledgeable hospital staff with a compassionate, caring treatment philosophy, you can be certain that the care you receive is extraordinary.

Publications & Research Find an HMI Physician Learn more about the Human Motion Institute Certification in Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement & Reconstruction

Taking care of a severely injured or diseased joint requires a skilled team during the entire pre-surgery to post-surgery process. Our orthopedic surgeons have the ability to replace all major joints. Learn more.

Foot & Ankle

Our specialists are trained to correct foot and ankle problems and pain with advanced assessment tools and technology to improve function and mobility. Learn more.

Hand & Upper Extremity

Evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of the hand requires a special skill set. Our orthopedic surgeons are experienced in treating a variety of hand, shoulder and arm conditions. Learn more.

Spine & Pain Management

We apply our clinical expertise to establish a diagnosis and plan of care that fits the needs of each patient suffering from a spinal injury or pain. Learn more.

Sports Medicine

Our clinical team provides specialized evaluation and treatment for sports-related injuries and is actively involved in education about injury prevention and recognition. Learn more.

Concussion Management Program

The focus of the Human Motion Institute Sports Concussion Program is to educate and assist athletes, parents and coaches in the proper identification, testing and management of concussions. Learn more.


Whether a surgical or non-surgical solution is the correct treatment choice, rehabilitation is an integral part of the recovery process. Our rehabilitation staff works to restore function as quickly and safely as possible. Learn more.