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2011 Community Health Needs Assessment and Report

This report is intended to give IRMC, our medical staff and our communities a baseline of vital county health indicators that will serve to evaluate current activities and programs and chart future community health initiatives. Read the report (PDF).

House Call

HouseCall, The Centennial Edition (PDF): A collection of inspiring stories to affirm why we do what we do....

Annual Report 2013 (PDF): Center for Weight Loss; A New Home for ITT East; A Holistic Approach to Sports Medicine; Finance Reports; Growth; and more.

Annual Report 2011(PDF): Creating opportunity; Understanding the HCAHPS survey; 2011 community health needs assessment and report; From the Foundation; 2010-2011 annual report; Welcome new physicians; New volunteer services.

Summer 2011 (PDF): Don't miss a beat; Is your pain set in stone; Failure generates success; Alleviate Sinusitis with FinESS; From the Foundation; Welcome new physicians; VNA and paliative care.

Annual Income Expense Report


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