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Patient Preregistration

Preregister: 724.357.7036

We provide outpatient and inpatient admission and emergency service registration 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We Admit, We Care.

Registration Requirements for Laboratory Testing

There is no need to make an appointment for a routine laboratory test, but by preregistering in advance, you can report directly to the laboratory center of your choice and save time. We do ask that you allow us 24 hours to process the information.

Preregister for any scheduled service by calling 724.357.7036 or complete the online registration form.

Registration Requirements/Guidelines for Scheduled Tests

Preregister for any scheduled service by calling 724.357.7036 or complete the online registration form.

Once you have completed the registration process, you may report directly to the department where your testing is scheduled on the date of your appointment.

To help us streamline your registration process, please have the following information available with each visit:

  • Physician request for treatment.
  • Insurance cards for all visits.
  • Any insurance co-payment due.
  • Necessary referrals and authorizations for treatment.

Scheduling Center

Indiana Regional Medical Center’s community-wide scheduling center is available to assist you with scheduling any service.

Scheduling Center: 724.357.7075