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Together Rx Access

Together Rx Access® may help nearly 90 percent of uninsured Americans save on their medicines.

Together Rx Access, a prescription savings program sponsored by many of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies, helps eligible uninsured individuals and families save on the medicines they need to stay healthy and to manage chronic conditions. Cardholders can use the free to get and free to use Together Rx Access® Card to save on hundreds of brand-name prescription medicines, as well as thousands of generics, right at the pharmacy counter.

Most cardholders save 25 to 40 percent* on brand-name prescription products. More than 300 brand-name prescription products are included in the Program.† Savings are also available on a wide range of generics. Medicines in the Program include those used to treat high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, asthma, and many other common conditions.

For more information about the medicines included in the Program, and to determine eligibility, visit or call 1.800.250.2839.


*Each cardholder's savings depend on such factors as the particular drug purchased, amount purchased, and the pharmacy where purchased. Participating companies independently set the level of savings offered and the products included in the Program. Those decisions are subject to change.

†Visit for the most current list of brand-name medicines and products.

Together Rx Access and the Together Rx Access logo are trademarks of Together Rx Access, LLC. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

© 2009 Together Rx Access, LLC.

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