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Cardiac Catheterization & Digital Angiography Lab

The First Commonwealth Cardiac Catheterization and Digital Angiography Laboratory is part of the Center for Cardiac & Vascular Services. The procedures in this unit can be done during an outpatient visit or while a patient is in the hospital. The preparation by the patient is minimal. It may involve withholding some specialty medications, but this will be determined by the doctors. Patients do need to abstain from food or drink for a specific amount of time before the procedure. An intravenous line will started. Patients are usually given medications to help them relax during the procedure. After the procedure, patients are transferred to a room in the Ambulatory Care Unit, then discharged. Or, if they are hospitalized, they return to their own rooms.

Services Provided

  • Diagnostic cardiac catheterizations.
  • Diagnostic and interventional peripheral angiography.
  • Implantation of cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators.


Patients are referred for these types of studies and procedures by their doctors. Arrangements are made via the doctors and their office staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Manyt of our patients want to know what the room and camera look like because they have claustrophobia. We attempt to show patients the room and equipment ahead of time during their preprocedure visit. We also do any necessary blood work, EKG or chest x-rays at that time.

For more information, download our Cardiac Catheterization and Digital Angiography brochure.

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