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Emergency Center

The Bork Emergency Center provides life-sustaining and routine medical care as well as diagnostic assessments and testing, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Emergency physicians and nurses also educate patients and their families about their diagnoses and treatments. Access to a local ambulance service and on-site medical helicopter further assists the department in meeting the community's emergency needs. The center also serves as a local poison control center.

During the past two years, Indiana Regional Medical Center's medical staff and emergency services department have worked on an initiative to ensure the rapid diagnosis and treatment of patients who come to the emergency services department with chest pain. This initiative has proven successful in providing patients with a definitive, timely diagnosis of cardiac- or noncardiac-related chest pain and follow-up treatment.

LifeFlight Helicopter Service

LifeFlight is a regional emergency helicopter service that provides rapid transportation for critically ill and injured patients who need specialized care. Helicopters transport patients from the scene of an accident to the most appropriate health care facility or from a health care facility to a specialty care center. LifeFlight helicopters are based in various locations throughout the region, including Indiana Regional Medical Center.

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Bork Emergency Center

Hans Houser

Phone: 724.357.7121

Hours: 24 hours

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