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To Schedule a Class, Call: 724.357.7075

Feeling cooped up? Do you miss interactions with adults? Need to get out and have some fun?

Bring your baby to one of our BabySTYLE groups for fun, networking, and new information. These groups are all led by clinical educators and offer a wonderful opportunity to share stories, learn new tips and make new friends.

Infant/Child CPR

A 2.5-hour workshop geared toward adults to learn what to do for an infant or child who is choking or having respiratory or cardiac arrest. Approved by the American Heart Association. Offered quarterly. $25 per person. Find a class today.

Moms & Babes

Bring your baby and meet other moms, learn from each other, and make lasting friendships. No registration necessary. Find a class today.

Contact Us

For specific questions on any of the programs listed, please call: 724.357.7496 or email: