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Family Programs

Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC) provides prenatal and family programs that have been recognized on both the state and national levels for excellence. Our programs are great!

Our Mission

The IRMC Family Programs Staff works with other IRMC departments, community groups and organizations to empower families through a wellness model of education to make informed decisions regarding their health and care.

Our Team

  • Heather Harkleroad, Office Coordinator.
  • Katherine Stains, BA, MBA.
  • Desiree Beppler, RN, BSN.

You can reach the team at perinataleducation@indianarmc.org.



If you just found out that you're going to have a baby, here's some more good news: MommySTYLE is here to help you get ready for the physical, emotional and lifestyle changes that come with having your first baby or growing family. Learn more.



Feeling cooped up? Do you miss interactions with adults? Need to get out and have some fun?

Bring your baby to one of our BabySTYLE groups for fun, networking, and new information. These groups are all led by clinical educators and offer a wonderful opportunity to share stories, learn new tips and make new friends. Learn more.



As families grow, interests change. Indiana Regional Medical Center recognizes that parents and children have unique needs at different times in life. We have many programs to expand everyone's knowledge and confidence. Whether you need more information about your infant, or your child wants to start babysitting as a teenager, we have a program for you! Learn more.

Please schedule through the IRMC scheduling center at 724.357.7075 or toll-free at 877.444.2778.

Contact Us

Family Programs

Heather Harkleroad, Office Coordinator


Phone: 724.357.7496

Hours: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday

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