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The Herbert L. Hanna Center for Oncology Care serves all of Indiana County and the surrounding areas. This nearly 10,000 square-foot-facility offers radiation and medical oncology patient services and a centralized tumor registry department in one comprehensive center.

The approximately 6,300-square-foot College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer approved Radiation Oncology Department features convenient, reserved patient parking; centralized patient registration and waiting; free refreshments; patient exam, treatment and counseling areas; a 21 MEV linear accelerator with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) option; dedicated spiral Computerized Axial Scanner (CAT Scan) for radiation treatment planning; and both low- and high-dose rate brachytherapy treatments.

The Varian linear accelerator with IMRT and IGRT options offers the latest external beam capabilities by using computer-guided beams of x-ray photons to pinpoint cancer cells thus eliminating unnecessary exposure to surrounding healthy tissues—helping to minimize side-effects. Other well-known cancer centers using Varian linear accelerators include M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, SloanKettering Cancer Center in New York City and the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute in Pittsburgh.

The new center will offer appropriate medical and radiation oncology clinical trial protocols through association with academic NIH investigative partnerships. Participation in clinical trial offerings is always subject to IRMC’s institutional review board and the hospital’s medical ethics committee.

In addition to a full complement of treatment options, the center also offers ancillary services, such as free door-to-door patient van transportation service to qualified patients, on-site social service assistance with a licensed social worker, and nutritional counseling by a registered dietitian.

Other services available through the center to our patients include:

  • Distress management.
  • Pastoral services.
  • Cancer wellness program, including exercise and yoga.
  • Lymphedema clinic.
  • Appearance boutique consultation for cosmetic and hairpiece advice.
  • Professional prosthetic fittings and supplies.
  • Pain management.
  • Palliative care specialists.

Community services provided through the center’s oncology program include:

  • Cancer survivor support groups.
  • Hospice service provided by the Indiana Visiting Nurses Association.
  • Annual cancer screenings including breast, prostate and skin.
  • Patient education and prevention materials are available through internal resources and our collaboration with the American Cancer Society.

The center is supported by a complete line of diagnostic testing services including:

  • Computered tomography (CT).
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine.
  • Diagnostic radiology.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
  • Mammotome stereotactic breast biopsy unit.
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) scanning.

The department of surgery and the Ambulatory Surgical Center provide a complete range of institutional surgical procedures from out patient diagnostic biopsy and minimally invasive minor surgeries to extensive surgical oncology procedures. All supported by quick, reliable onsite pathologic reporting.

The Oncology Committee, a multidisciplinary team of physicians, administrators and specialists representing 17 departments and public agencies, provides program direction internally. Community leadership is provided by a voluntary board of visitors consisting of the Cancer Center and IRMC Foundation’s administrative directors, local cancer survivors and lay community advocates who advise on cancer center projects and promoting the center’s existing services, programs and community outreach.

A 2,200-square-foot patient healing garden adjacent to the Cancer Center is made possible through the generous donations from the Indiana Kiwanis Club and Pike’s Peak Nursery.

Other community initiatives include title sponsorship of the annual children’s golf benefit and participation in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and annual Daffodil Days. Also, Ali Tunio, MD, Medical Director of Radiation Oncology, and/or Charlie Shoemaker, administrative director, are available for any requests to civic or public groups on the new Cancer Center or other related oncology topics.

For more information, download our Center for Oncology Care brochure.

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