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Indiana Regional Medical Center provides a full range of medical services for the adult population. General medical is a term used to describe the wide range of illnesses and disease processes that do not involve surgery.

Much of the general medical care at Indiana Regional Medical Center is provided by the sixth medical staff. The sixth medical staff is skilled in providing compassionate medical care to adults who range in age from 18 to over 90. Patients with general medical conditions may need care for acute conditions, such as pneumonia, or life-long disease processes, such as diabetes. The nurses on this unit are specially trained in the management of diseases and illnesses which can affect the lungs, kidneys, pancreas or other organs. Their care ranges from hospice patients needing hospitalization and administration of chemotherapy drugs to meeting the complex medical and physical needs of Alzheimer's patients.

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Sixth Medical

Jill Muir

Phone: 724.357.7095

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