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Vein Treatment Center

Why choose vein treatment? We provide a dedicated team of skilled professionals including venous specialists and your own patient account representative. At the time of your consultation, you will receive venous ultrasounds for diagnosis. Then we will tailor an exclusive plan of treatment for you.

Treatments are quick, virtually painless and have lasting results. Procedures are also often covered under insurance.

Free vein screenings are offered every Thursday! (Appointment required.)

Treatments Offered

  • VNUS closure.
  • Spider vein treatment.
  • Sclerotherapy.
  • Trivex procedure.


Request an Appointment

Appointments are routinely made for Thursday, but we can accommodate other days. Please call us at 724.349.2576 to request an appointment.

Our Vein Treatment Center Physician

Mohammed Islam, MD

Mohammed N. Islam, MD

Contact Us

Dr. Islam/Dr. Guddeti

881 Overlook Building

Indiana, PA 15701

Phone: 724.349.2576

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