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Meditech/IRMC Apps Login

This page is reserved for employees and authorized users only. Others please exit. There is no public information from these links.

Click the link below to launch the IRMC portal site. After the site has launched, enter your username and password. Then select the appropriate application, such as Meditech. Please be patient as the application loads.

IRMC Meditech/IRMC Apps Remote Access

Running Citrix Web Client

You may need the new Citrix Web Client to access the site. You must allow the Client to install, select "run" when prompted, and click "yes" to all the defaults.

Download the Citrix Client.

For downloading on a mobile device, go to the App store and download the Citrix App.

Need Help?

Call the Information Systems Help Desk at 724.357.7011 for assistance.

Configuring Meditech Workstation for Local Printing to Nonsupported Printers

Meditech only supports certain printers from the remote workstation software; however, they do provide a utility that enables printing to nonsupported printers. Unfortunately, this utility does not work with all printers. Please feel free to follow the instructions below and try printing.

  1. Log in to Meditech.
  2. Click the icon in the upper left-hand corner of the workstation software, and a menu will display.
  3. Follow the menu, and click on "Printer Setup," and another window will appear.
  4. Type "ppii" or "PPII" in the box for the driver name.
  5. Click "OK."
  6. When you are ready to print, type "LOCAL" in the "Print on:" box in Meditech.

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