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Patient Testimonials

Read what our patients have to say about their experiences at IRMC!

Ambulatory Care

"To the entire Ambulatory Care Staff of IRMC, thanks so much for your help...and very good care...again and again. Your professionalism and kindness made a great difference in my experience during my foot/toe surgery. I so very much appreciate the awesome care, the exceptional staff at the "IRMC" made me feel safe the entire time, from the moment upon arrival to the very minute I went home! All of your thoughtfulness and caring certainly aided in my healthy recovery, too!Once again, thank you and God bless you all for taking great care of me. Thank you for simply the best care I could of ever asked for! I surely hope I didn't leave anyone out! Dr. H.P. Miller, Dr. Haastrup, Steph, Geri, Lauren, Cindy 1, Tracey, Amber, Anna, Cindy 2, Mary, Kay and Kim." —Anna

Cardiology Services

"If it were not for your prompt diagnosis and treatment of my cardiovascular symptoms, I fear that the end result would have been something less than positive. Please never take for granted the high level of skill and expertise that you all have been blessed with. God Bless all of you!" —Steve 

Endoscopy Department

"Thank you! Endoscopy Department. Everyone was so kind, detailed, caring, both pre and post procedure. Met some people with whom I had worked. It brought the memories back. I wish everybody the best. I am very thankful." —BB Singh 

IRMC Providers

"Dr. Billon and his staff were fabulous. They really listen and pay attention to what you say. I highly recommend them. They really try to get an answer for you." —Dr. Billon Patient

"Dr. Bohn is a great doctor, funny, efficient, very easy to talk to, and very knowledgable. Thank you Dr. Bohn for all you do" —Dr. Bohn Patient

"Dr. Woolcock is the best. Takes the time to listen and address any and all concerns. The nurses and office staff are wonderful. Always friendly, courteous, and professional. Wouldn't go anywhere else." —Dr. Woolcock Patient

"I like the friendliness of everyone and all my questions are answered as best they can be. I feel I'm a real person and not a number." —Melissa Duncan Patient

"Dr. Lear and staff were excellent with my wife's pregnancy. Very nice staff and knowledgeable." —Dr. Lear Patient

"A+ Doctor, A+ Staff, A+ Care, makes me a very happy patient." —Dr. Boykiw Patient

"It's nice to have a doctor, nurses, and secretaries that are personable and takes pride in their job and patients." —Dr. Ladani Patient

"Dr. Billon is an excellent surgeon and his care for his patients and their family. He goes beyond the operating room. He is attentive and sincere. Listens to questions posed by patient and family and takes the time to answer and explain thus putting all at ease. His staff is great also." —Dr. Billon patient

"Appreciate the politeness and kindness. All questions are answered and issues thoroughly explained. We feel comfortable and pleased to have this personnel caring for us. Thank you." —Dr. Guddeti patient

"Sweets for the sweetest ladies I met in Sept. Thank you for taking such good care o me. I appreciate it very much. You made me feel special!! Love you all." —Frandie D.

Lifeline Services

"The service you provided (to my uncle), Lifeline, was invaluable and gave me peace of mind living out of state."

Outpatient Laboratory

"I just wanted to share the outstanding experience that I had in the hospital's outpatient laboratory on Friday afternoon, March 2nd around 2:00 pm. I hope this email can be directed to the appropriate person or department for them to see.

I have not been feeling well so my doctor ordered bloodwork and a urine test. Not only was I not feeling well when I went for the lab work on Friday but I am TERRIFIED of needles, so needless to say, I was not looking forward to any of this.

When I got to the lab, (I went to the one at IRMC's main campus) I was greeted by Kaitlyn (I believe that's how you spell her name) who was the one to draw my blood. She was so compassionate and caring; she took the time to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed. It took about 10 minutes to draw all the blood and she kept talking to me the entire time; despite everything going on, she even had me smiling. She was very professional and EXCELLENT at her job! I feel that Kaitlyn went above and beyond what is expected of her and I can't thank her enough for her kindness during a rough day.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I certainly hope that Kaitlyn's supervisor or higher up has to opportunity to read this."


Rehabilitation Services

"Earlier this month, I was a patient in IRMC's rehabilitation section. The nursing staff were always busy, but never too busy to assist the needs of their patients. They were always kind and friendly, and their care and concern was much appreciated. I am well aware that hospital budgets are continually shrinking, and the fact that IRMC is still able to provide quality service to all its patients did not go unnoticed. May the Lord richly bless all employees of the rehabilitation section! God bless you all!" —John D.

Surgery Services

"I took one of the men from our church, Ray, to IRMC today for foot surgery on the 4th floor with Dr. Ghate. It was scheduled for 10:30, but was not taken until 2:50. That was not a problem because the preceding surgeries had complications or took longer than planned. However, it gave us ample opportunity to interact with a number of personnel on that floor. They all were extremely caring, personable, attentive and kept checking on Ray and me to see if they could do anything for us. One of the nurses gave me a card for a complimentary drink and snack at the Café, because of the long wait. The woman in the family waiting area was also very accommodating and pleasant.

I had a good meal in the cafeteria after Ray went for surgery at a reasonable cost. Again those workers with whom I interacted were very helpful and went out of their way to assist me.

When the surgery was over and Ray had awakened in recovery, I was invited back to his cubicle. Again the 2 nurses attending to him and preparing him for departure were extremely pleasant, conversant and genuinely caring as they worked as a team not only with Ray but with others getting ready for discharge.

Dr. Ghate was also very pleasant and thorough in explaining everything to Ray and to me after the surgery.

I just wanted to let you know, again, how impressed I was with every aspect of the entire operation as I was there until 5:00 today.

You really have a top rate operation going at IRMC that is organized and extremely caring. It was easy to tell that everyone likes their job and wants to do the best they can to be of service. It seemed like most of the people with whom I interacted were believers and that makes a difference.

May the Lord bless you and the great service your organization provides to the community."