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On July 1, 2018 the IRMC main campus and all satellite locations will become tobacco-free. This policy is inclusive of cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, vaping and smokeless tobacco. Outdoor smoking will not be allowed on any IRMC property. Smoking is also prohibited inside vehicles if parked on IRMC property. This new policy applies not only to staff, volunteers and patients, but also to visitors, vendors and members of the public while working in or visiting IRMC locations.

In becoming a tobacco-free campus, IRMC is demonstrating its commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for all patients, visitors, employees, volunteers and other guests. The initiative will effectively eliminate second-hand smoke exposure. Smoking and secondhand smoke are known to cause serious lung diseases, heart disease and cancer.

Patients/visitors who smoke or use other tobacco products are asked to comply with these regulations. We thank you for supporting our effort to remain tobacco-free.

Patients who smoke or use other tobacco products may request your healthcare provider to prescribe a smoking cessation aid while at the Medical Center.

Quit Resources

As part of our mission to improve health, IRMC is committed to linking individuals with resources to help break the nicotine/tobacco addiction.

Featured Resources

Other Resources

  • American Cancer Society—The American Cancer Society offers smoking cessation support and education to anyone who desires to quit using tobacco products.
  • American Lung Association—The American Lung Association offers an online, interactive Freedom from Smoking program consisting of eight self-paced modules, each containing four lessons, and an interactive message board to assist you in quitting tobacco
  • Become an Ex—The EX plan teaches you how to live life without cigarettes in 3 steps - all geared to help make the seemingly impossible possible.
  • Kill the Can—This website offers free resources and tools to help dip, snuff, and chewing tobacco users quit. Along with useful information, it offers a support forum and a live quit chat room.
  • SmokeFree—On this government site you'll find support, tips, tools, and expert advice to help you or someone you love quit smoking.
  •—Information on quitting smoking from GSK, the manufacturer of Nicoderm patch and Nicorette gum.
  •—Online support program for individuals quitting smoking.