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Why IRMC's Corporate Wellness?

IRMC serves as the corporate wellness partner for a number of major businesses in our area.


'A positive experience'

S&T Bank had been using the IRMC lab for our annual biometric screenings for a few years. We received some raw data and comparative results from year to year but it was very time consuming on our end to do all of the scheduling. We also had to then try to compare the test results with the results of the other pieces of our wellness program which included a self-reported HRA through our insurer.

When planning for our 2016 program we felt we needed to do something more. We found from employees that many times their doctors didn’t go over their results or worse they didn’t have a doctor. And we were also concerned, that since it was voluntary, were we really reaching those who needed it the most and spouses who affect our healthcare costs? So our decision for 2016 was to make it mandatory for employees and spouses who were on our health plan and voluntary for the rest of the employees. What really raised the bar for us was that we also required one hour of coaching following the biometric screenings.

We knew we didn’t have the manpower to organize all of the scheduling that would be required, so when I approached IRMC about our wishes and concerns we were excited to learn they had just the program to meet our needs. Their program combined the assessment and test results; the scheduling was done online and coordinated by their staff and most importantly every employee got to talk to someone about their results and their health goals.

To date, we’ve had about 95% participation. Within the first weeks of testing some of our employees learned of health conditions they didn’t know they had. We got this information from our employees – not from IRMC which maintains strict privacy of personal results. Our employees have reacted positively to the program and appreciate that they are getting blood tests and coaching at no cost.

Working with IRMC has been a positive experience. They are easy to work with and flexible to changing needs as the program was implemented. Having worked with other wellness vendors in the past, IRMC was far more flexible and willing to accommodate our business needs.

Anne White, SPHR 
VP, HR Compliance, Benefits and EE Relations Mgr. 
S&T Bank

'A seamless, speedy process'

We are a busy manufacturing facility, IRMC's corporate wellness staff was beyond accommodating. Their set-up onsite was adequately staffed and organized so employees could move through each station for health risk assessments and biometric screenings quickly. Our employees liked the convenience of the entire process. Management loved that it was a seamless, speedy process that could be done during the workday with virtually no disruption to production; it was a win/win experience for the Company and the employees. I recommend IRMC's corporate wellness services to any employer who is interested in starting a program or enhancing their existing plan.

  • IRMC Corporate Wellness's offerings are not only informative but also concise and enjoyable.
  • Each of its lectures, screenings and assessments deliver reliable guidance that employees can easily appreciate and apply.
  • Corporate programs tailored to your people. Entirely flexible in its approach, IRMC Corporate Wellness provides educational sessions and screenings that make sense for your specific business. Plus, they're convenient. Health fairs and other sessions occur on-site and accommodate your company's schedule.
  • You may choose from a wide variety of options.
  • Fees are structured to be affordable for both large and small companies