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Connecting Remotely During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 precautions, Indiana Regional Medical Center has temporarily changed our visitor policy, limiting the ability for friends and family to visit during a hospital stay. But that does not mean patients cannot still connect with their loved ones.

It is our goal during this difficult time to keep patients and their family members connected and to assist patients in placing video calls to their family members.

While some patients bring their own smartphones or tablets, some do not – and in those cases, patients are able to schedule time to use IRMC’s on-site devices. After each use, devices are properly cleaned by IRMC staff. “It helps our patients feel connected to the outside world,” said Mark Richards, Chief Growth Officer at IRMC, “Staying connected with loved ones while receiving care is vital to our patient’s health and well-being.”

Patients can also consider using the in-room telephone to call and connect with their loved ones.

Speak to your (or your loved ones) nurse about using an IRMC tablet, our team would be happy to facilitate.

Click here for options and instructions on how to connect during restricted visitation.