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Spine & Pain Management

Pain is defined as physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. It can feel sharp or dull, throb or burn, be chronic or acute, and it does disturb your life. At IRMC’s Center for Spine and Pain Management, our mission is to evaluate your pain and develop a treatment program specific to you.

IRMC Physician Group Pain Management is a hospital-based group that specializes in the prevention and treatment of chronic pain with the goal of providing patients with a new found hope, confidence and quality of life.

Dr. Jonathan Scholl utilizes a patient-centered approach with advanced diagnostic and physical exam techniques to determine the source of pain and then develops a personalized treatment plan for every patient.

Our pain medicine specialist serves as the principal treating physician and works in collaboration with other physicians to provide a comprehensive team-based approach to pain management.

Dr. Scholl compassionately provides quality, evidence-based care for all levels and types of pain by treating the patient directly, prescribing rehabilitative services, performing pain-relieving procedures, managing medications, directing a multidisciplinary team, coordinating care with other healthcare providers and more.

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Center for Spine & Pain Management