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The Auxiliary of Indiana Regional Medical Center continues supporting since 1915

On January 16, 1915 - Miss McKnight presented to the Executive Committee her views on the formation of an auxiliary board for the purpose of assisting in the care and management of the hospital. After some discussion, Mr. Scott made a motion that a Hospital Auxiliary Board be established and organized. One woman from each of several churches was chosen to represent the said church and thus the hospital auxiliary was formed. Mrs. D.B. Taylor was the first President and there were initially 12 members.

Today, the IRMC Auxiliary has grown to 160 members who have given thousands of hours helping IRMC meet the medical needs of Our community.

The Auxiliary always welcomes new members who may participate on special fundraising events or simply support activities through annual membership dues. The success of the Auxiliary's projects is directly attributed to the hard work and dedication of its committee members. Auxiliary funding has supported countless programs at the hospital over the years, and the group has also been a morale booster, with a powerful sense of purpose and camaraderie carried through the decades.

How the funds have been used

The Auxiliary members vote on the allocation of all funds. In recent years, the funds have been directed to purchasing rockers for the It’s A Wonderful New Life Maternity Center and a urine analyzer for the same department. In years past the main funding for the Lifeline Program was provided by the IRMC auxiliary; however, in more recent years the funds have been directed to maintaining and providing the services for the shuttle. The shuttle van escorts on average 1,570 patients per month to the front doors and logs over 900 monthly miles.


Our purpose shall be to promote and to advance the welfare of the Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC). This purpose shall be accomplished through public relations activities and through service to the hospital and its patients.

Auxiliary Committees

Hospitality Cart 
Betty Kubin: 724.349.2305

Guide Services 
Betty Kubin: 724.349.2305

Evening Reception Desk 
Mildred Miller: 724.349.3398

Gift Shop 
Maggie Babco: 724.459.5192 
Mary Kuhns: 724-248-9341

Mail Service 
Bonnie Moreau: 724.349.3385

Auxiliary Events

December 13, 2016 
Luncheon & Meeting, Rustic Lodge 

February 2 to 6, 2017 
Uniform Sale at IRMC

February 25, 2017 
80th Annual Charity Ball 
Indiana Country Club

March 14, 2017 
Luncheon & Meeting, Rustic Lodge 

April 3 to 4, 2017 
Jewelry Sale at IRMC

May 9, 2017 
Luncheon & Meeting, Rustic Lodge 

Executive Committee

  • Lynn Knapko, President
  • Toni Conrad, Vice-President
  • Kathy Rout, Treasurer
  • Tamara Leeper, Recording Secretary
  • Robin Malloy, Corresponding Sec.
  • Marge Scheeren, Dir., Volunteer Serv.
  • Carla Edwards, Parliamentarian
  • Anne Cash, Parliamentarian
  • Lisa Macchiaroli, Immed. Past President & Nominating Chair
  • Tara Dolan, Finance & Auditing
  • Toni Conrad, Membership Chair
  • Kim Balcerak, Program Chair 
  • Tracey Kunkle, Publicity Chair

Membership Recruitment

If you know a person interested in being an active member of the Indiana Regional Medical Center Auxiliary, please use this form and give it to the prospective member or contact Toni Conrad, Membership Chairperson, at 724.422.0710 to mail a brochure to a prospective member.

Another consideration: Give IRMC Membership as a gift. Call Lynn Knapko at 724.422.1383 for a special gift card that is available.

To join the IRMC Auxiliary, please complete this form and send along with a $20 check payable to IRMC AUXILIARY to:

Toni Conrad 
30 Bradley Court 
Indiana, PA 15701

Volunteer Services

If you would like to volunteer for any of the Auxiliary's services, such as the Charity Ball, Gift Shop, Hospitality Cart, Guide Volunteers, Jewelry Sale, Mail Service or Pantry, please fill out this form and mail to:

Betty Kubin, Acting Director
IRMC Auxiliary 
P.O. Box 788 
Indiana, PA 15701