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Birdie's Closet

Birdie's Closet, a one-of-a-kind project, opened on June 4, 2008, inside the Women's Imaging Center at Indiana Regional Medical Center. The Closet was created to offer patients supplies to help them cope with appearance-related side effects of cancer treatments.

The Closet provides a place for women to try on and get fitted for hats, wigs, makeup, prostheses, bras and camisoles and serves as a haven to women to ask questions and obtain information. The goal of the Closet is to not only provide accessories to enhance physical beauty, but also enhance an individual's sense of survivorship.

Healing involves more than medicine, and the closet resource is a unique approach at Indiana Regional Medical Center to create a refuge where women may explore new looks within the safety and familiarity of the center working with a member of the Women's Imaging Center staff.

Contact Us

Indiana Healthcare Foundation
Phone: 724.357.8053
Fax: 724.357.8139

For more information on Birdie's Closet and its resources, contact:

Closet Coordinator
Phone: 724.357.8081